Hanlon Group harnesses the power of technology, innovation, and exploration.

Unlock Human Potential

Hanlon Group unlocks human potential to solve complex problems that limit global security and prosperity. Through training, advising, and mentoring, we empower police, military, and other security actors and institutions to detect and disrupt emerging threats, streamline day-to-to day operations, eradicate inefficiencies, and solve systemic security challenges.

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Generate Institutional Innovation

Hanlon Group generates institutional innovation by envisioning the art of the possible, designing contextually relevant systems and processes, and anchoring these within institutions to sustain change. We work with security sector ministries, professional schools, and interagency units to optimize operations.

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Leverage Tools and Technology

Hanlon Group tailors the right tools and technology for the context. We recommend solutions that are always tied to people’s needs and institutional requirements.  We equip security forces, we optimize training arenas, and we design cutting edge digital platforms to help realize human potential and institutional innovation.

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